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It's hard to connect when you're doing your own tech support.

Stop breaking a sweat sharing the wrong screen and fumbling with breakout rooms. Managing Zoom takes focus and attention. By letting HostMyZoom support your event, you'll be 100% present for your audience.

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Zooms don't have to be painful.

A well-designed virtual event can be just as engaging as an in-person meeting. But it takes special techniques and strategies customized for the online environment to make that happen.

How It Works

We can also host your event.

Not everyone wants to be in the spotlight. Our virtual emcees host your event with style. And if you're hosting your own event, we can step in to keep things on track if something unexpected occurs.

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Here's how we help you create better connections.

Event Planning

We meet with you to discuss how settings and online event management best practices can help you reach your goals. Then we schedule the rehearsal, main event, and additional 1-on-1 support for specific guests.

Event Rehearsal

We join you, your presenters, and guests with persistent technical challenges to confirm hardware functionality, review meeting facilitation strategy, and test all technical aspects of event presentation.

Pre-Event Warmup

We join your presenters 30 minutes before your virtual event to ensure everything is ready to go and all equipment is working. This is also a time for guests to join early to resolve any last-minute technical difficulties.

Event Moderation

Once the event begins, we act as emcee, delivering housekeeping items, performing introductions, and answering any questions about features such as nonverbal feedback and chat.

Dedicated Live Event Tech Support

During the event, we resolve technical difficulties by communicating with your guests both inside the platform and via text and phone.

Event Management

We display presentation materials, play music, mute/spotlight participants, monitor chat, manage breakout rooms, conduct polls, and more to ensure a smooth user experience.


A Few of Our Friends

How it works

Highly recommend!!

I know how to use Zoom, but when I had to host a virtual event for 100+ people I was SO relieved to have HostMyZoom share great tips in advance and make sure everything went smoothly. There's no way I could have participated if I had to worry about the technical stuff. Highly recommend!!

Ali Holstein

Showed us the humanity behind the technology

HostMyZoom expertly asked the right questions, and provided clear answers to our many inquiries. Thank you for giving us the confidence that led to many powerful and inspiring moments for our students and their families!

Lee Gabay profile picture, another satisfied online event production customer.
Lee Gabay

An eye-opening experience

It has been an-eye opening experience to use this platform and its capabilities. Alex is very knowledgeable and receptive to the needs required by the group. He really spoiled me in expecting all Zoom meetings to carry such quality of experience. Looking forward to collaborating in future meetings for our religious order.

Juan Manuel Gaspar profile picture, another satisfied online event production customer.
Juan Manuel Gaspar

Much appreciated

Alex's expertise made our meetings run smoothly. He is always on top of our meeting schedule and yet very flexible in any changes. His support is much appreciated. Our meetings would not happen without him!

Ji Choi

Greatly enhanced the experience for me

Alex from HostMyZoom is professional, personable, patient, and positive. He gave clear explanations of various zoom functions that helped participants use them in real time. He seemed well prepared for the agenda and worked collaboratively with the organizers.

Sr. Kit Gray

Attendees gave us all positive feedback

I can’t express enough how pleased I am with his service.  He hosted a Zoom memorial service for us.  I wanted someone that would be able to immediately address any technical issues quickly, effectively, and efficiently, especially for the older attendees. I would absolutely hire Alex again and recommend you do. You'll be happy you did!

Craig Dorsey profile picture, another satisfied online event production customer.
Craig Dorsey

I highly recommend Alex's services

Alex’s services have been wonderful. He’s very flexible and able to accommodate our changing needs, even mid-meeting. This is pretty unique, and very much appreciated. Thanks to his work, we’ve hosted sessions on different continents seamlessly. I highly recommend Alex’s services to anyone who would like to have smooth meetings no matter the circumstances.

Gillian Wallace, PhD

Top notch

HostMyZoom took care of all the technical aspects of my recent virtual comedy benefit show.  They clearly explained all the different options for the event, led a helpful pre-event walk through, provided professional tech support to several dozen users the night of the show, and delivered on every promise for the event.

Ken Dieffenbach

Fun, smooth, and lighthearted

The Deck the Zoom Holiday Trivia event was fun, smooth, and lighthearted. A perfect way to feel a little holiday spirit in a year that has made feeling "merry and bright" a little more difficult. I had a big smile on my face the whole time, and I hope to attend future events!

Angie Pullman

Would definitely recommend

I was pretty nervous about the whole thing but HostMyZoom was a great help and the event went off without a hitch! Would definitely recommend.

Jeff Morris


Alex - I wish I had you on all my zoom meetings :) 

Mica Baum-Tuccillo

Technical savvy combined with warm interpersonal skills

Alex was a tremendous host on the day of the event, creating such a positive, welcoming environment for our virtual participants which led to such a lovely, affirming event for our high school graduates. Alex's technical savvy combined with his warm interpersonal skills made the whole experience a joy.

Fernando Tinio

Are you still doing your own Zoom tech support?

If you're fixing connection issues and managing breakout rooms, it's impossible to give full attention to your online events. Our virtual event production experts keep your meeting running smoothly so you can be your best self online.

Are your Zoom meetings awkward and uncomfortable?

Most virtual events are rigid and psychologically taxing. We employ meeting design and facilitation best practices specific to the online environment to keep participants connected and engaged.

What happens when webinar technology throws you a curveball?

Our virtual event design consultants are also master emcees who easily pivot and adapt when the unexpected occurs, keeping your event on track.