Add music to your Zoom

November 27, 2020

Everyone loves a good jam, and adding music to your Zoom can really liven up an event!

Unfortunately, there are several nuances that make it difficult to share music effectively.

So here is everything you need to know about how to share music during your Zoom meeting:

1) Do not use the same microphone to pick up your music that you use to pick up your voice. The sound quality will be inconsistent, and you won't be able to mute yourself without muting the music as well.

2) Use screen sharing to share music. This is counter-intuitive because we usually think of screen sharing as sharing images, not audio.

3) Decide whether you want to a) share your music while sharing your screen at the same time, or b) share just your audio.

4) To share both music and your screen, click Share Screen > select a screen to share, and then check the Share computer sound checkbox.

Share sound screen in Zoom

5) To share music WITHOUT sharing your screen, click Screen Share > Advanced > Music or Computer Sound Only.

Share sound screen without sharing the video in Zoom

6) When you speak, it won't interrupt the music. However, when your participants speak, it will. So, I recommend muting all participants while playing music. To do this, open the Participants window, click Mute All, and then uncheck Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves. Once you're done playing music, click Mute All again and then check Allow Participants to Unmute themselves.

Allow participants to unmute themselves in Zoom

7) To control the volume of the music, use the setting within the music app, not your computer's system volume.

8) Also, the volume is likely to sound louder to your participants than it does to you, so you'll want to lower it to around 30%. Check in with a participant in chat to get some feedback if you're unsure.

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