Why does my Zoom connection keep dropping?

February 21, 2019

My sister called me the other day and asked in total exasperation, "Why do I keep getting dropped on my Zoom calls? I have great wireless!"

"Have you tried connecting directly to the router?" I asked.

"My laptop doesn't have an ethernet port."

Aha! Mystery solved. She needs a USB Ethernet Adapter. It plugs into your USB port, giving you not only an Ethernet port, but three extra USB ports as well.

USB to Ethernet Adapter

There's also one that connects to a USB C port:

USB C to Ethernet Adapter

Then get yourself an ethernet cable long enough to reach comfortably from your computer to your router:

And you're good to go! You now have a hard-wired connection that's 10x faster and more reliable! If you want to see before and after results, just Google "speed test" and follow the instructions. You can do the speed test first with your wireless, and then with your new ethernet connection to see the difference.

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